• Laura Jo Provencher

Blogs Are So 2000

Like the hundreds of other people who, once upon a time, started their own blog- I'm going to start with the big why. Why a blog? Why now? Why is what you have to say so important? A few months ago, I knew I needed to find some kind of creative outlet. Something different than anything I'd done before. A place I could express myself honestly and openly without any rules. "So pick up knitting?" you may be thinking. "No need to add yet another blog to the void that is the internet." But you see, there are no words in knitting. And frankly, too many rules. Besides that, I can assure you a spool of yarn in my hands will do you about as much good as a basketball would in a toddler's hands. It turns out, I've been a writer for a long time. Maybe a closet one, but a writer no less. I have found healing and comfort in writing since I was a teenager with bad fashion sense and hormones that were clearly trying to kill me. I would write poems about the way it felt to feel the sun on my skin (and still do) and angsty journal entries with hyperbole and similes about pain that would make any balanced person cringe. But alas, therein lies the truth about writing: no rules. You get to feel and write, scream and write, cry and write: guilt free. It's a direct reflection of the human experience in the moment of being human; no reflecting first, no asking for other opinions first, no cooling down first- you just experience it. And write about it. I love that. I always have. So there you have your why or rather my why. As far as timing, I figure there's no better time than now- especially while traveling the country with my little family full time on part time salaries in 200 square feet. I think there are few things that will sharpen the human experience more than that. I am not starting a blog because what I have to say is any more important than what anyone else has to say. I just genuinely believe that there is always more room at the table; that there are things worth sharing and connections worth having. This won't be a topic specific space, I know that. Maybe one day I'll share my favorite places in a town we've visited, maybe one day I'll share about a hard time from my past, or maybe one day I'll share a cookie recipe I'm convinced you can't live without-who knows? But I know it will be freeing. While considering jumping into the blogging world, someone told me that "blogs are so 2000". So I guess you can catch me in some gauchos and a choker necklace from here on out because it looks like I'm just getting started.


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