• Laura Jo Provencher


Ever since I was a young girl, I've been drawn to the unconventional. When I was in middle school I wore shoes that were covered in sequins and mastered the clarinet. When I was in high school I chopped all my hair off and used sharpies to draw on my arms. When I was in college I packed my bags and moved to Greece for 3 months. And as an adult, well, I decided to live in an Airstream with my husband and dog. The story of Penelope began when we realized one chapter of our lives was coming to an abrupt and painful close; we realized we would have a chance for a fresh start. Having been drawn to minimalism for awhile and having marveled at the magical, full-time traveling strangers of Instagram, we decided that it was time for something different...really different. Within weeks, Taylor found our girl in Memphis, Tennessee; a few hours outside of Nashville- the city we would call home. We spent the next 2 months living with friends, saving every penny we had. And then the day came.

Thirty-four feet of aluminum disaster. But the brown recluse spiders and the lack of flooring couldn't hold me back from the many moments of squealing that followed. She was finally ours. From there, we spent the next two years renovating on the budget of a barista and a dog walker. The process was brutal. And thrilling. And miserable. And expensive. And amazing. And horrible. I threatened to burn her to the ground no less than approximately 200 times. But we did it. We took her tired, old, sad interior and turned her into a home. Our home. And just this year, took off to travel the country for 10 months. It's not always the rainbows and butterflies, but also sometimes it really really is.


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